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1. Where can Art Glass be placed ?
Art glass can be placed anywhere that light enters your environment. Front entryways, bathrooms, stairwells and feature windows are the most common locations. Also room dividers are a great way to create a beautiful private space. In the case of mosaics, on a wall as you would hang a piece of art.
"Stained glass, far more than a host of fixtures, upon which considerable amounts of money are almost routinely spent, is the most spectacularly visible design element with which the architect can possibly work" Louis Tiffany
2. What about a design ?
The design, colour and texture of your windows should compliment the architecture and create the desired atmosphere. You may already have a design in mind or I can create an original. I also have hundreds of designs available that can be modified or reproduced. As well there are many more inspiring photos of my work in my portfolio.
3. How do I get an estimate ?
Phone or email. I will come to your home or office, take some measurements, look at some design ideas with you or your clients and give you an estimate at no charge. If you only have an idea and/or some blueprints we can work with that. I can also provide a written estimate and delivery or installation schedule if required.
4. How long does it take?
Most window commissions take about 12 - 14 weeks to complete and install. Large commissions i.e. ceilings, those with custom bevels, glass painting and very large windows can take more time.
5. How much does it cost?
Art glass is generally priced by the square foot. A very basic custom design could be priced as low as $100/sq. ft., if very simple and duplicated many times, i.e. simple cabinet doors or a large installation with larger design pieces. There are many factors that can determine the price, i.e. complexity of the design, quality of the glass used, type of lead, zinc, brass, or copper came used to assemble your window. As well glass painting, sandblasting, custom bevels or etching can all be cost factors. There are many beautiful medium complexity design options that cost around $150 - $200 sq.ft. and more complex in the $200 - $300 range. If you have a specific budget in mind I can make a design to fit it.
6. What about the installation?
Most art glass windows are installed on the inside of your existing clear glass windows in the same frame. This provides protection for your art glass from the elements. You may also choose to buy a smaller art glass piece and hang it from the inside frame of your existing window. This is a good idea if you don't want to fill your entire window with art glass or live in a condo and want the option of easily taking the piece with you.Regardless of what you decide upon, I will install the windows ensuring a proper secure fit.
7. What about the glass?
There are many beautiful types of art glass made in the world. Most are from the United States. These are old companies that were established in the early 1800s with the discovery of natural gas to fire their furnaces. They are consistent in thickness, no two sheets are the same, the colour textures and variations in the glass make for a truly one of a kind window. I have many samples of these glasses. Some specialty glass such as bevels can also be custom made and combined with stock bevels for a custom design.
8. What kind of quality am I getting?
If art glass is constructed properly and protected it should last at least 100 years before any restoration is required. There are many examples of this lasting quality in churches, older homes and public buildings. To ensure the lasting beauty of your art glass consideration must be given to the design, size, weight and the materials being used to hold the glass together i.e. hardened lead, zinc brass, copper and steel support bars. I build all my windows using old tried and true methods, materials and workmanship. Special consideration must be given if the window is going into a door or a skylight.
9 . Do you repair windows?
Very old windows or damaged windows can be restored. Sometimes it requires the removal of the window so that all leads, broken glass and cement can be replaced. Other times a simple on site repair will work. I have access to many types of glass to match your window. I recently restored some old church windows installed in the 1800s and was able to get new glass from the original glass maker in the North East U.S. . Glass painting and bevelling is also available for any restorations.
10 . Will you travel?
I work in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Most of my commissions come from the area between Toronto and Muskoka, about a 2 hour tour. I do travel beyond this distance if the project is worth the travel time and there is a cup of tea involved. Yes I will come to the US and abroad. Have a castle that needs some great windows?
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